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yesterday’s flowers (by flora-file)

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Apparently this is "The clearest photo of Mercury ever taken."

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How Lilting was introduced tonight at NewFest:

"Now, in this movie, as you know, Ben Whishaw’s partner dies.  Most of this audience will see this as a good thing, but it is a BAD THING.  Please remember that this is sad.  It is a sad thing.  He is sad.  Most of you will be imagining yourself swooping in and saving him from this horrible pain. Remember that he is sad and that it is sad. This is not your opportunity. Even though we all want Ben Whishaw. Now please silence your grindrs."

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I loved this speech so fucking much, just agree with all of it

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Adrian Ghenie - Untitled (2010)

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John Hubbard Rich (American, 1876–1954) - The Yellow Teapot

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RIP Tom Kitten